The proven route to active second language lies through language immersion at a young age

nursery at azbuka Welcome to AZBUKA, an organisation that aims to promote and support Russian language learning for children in the UK and bilingual education in general. We hope you find the information you require by browsing through our web pages.
Please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any further questions. an azbuka nursery girl

We run the first specialist OFSTED registered Russian nursery in London (from 2002) and Saturday school in west London together with the Russian Language Kids' Club (from 2000). More bilingual education projects are being prepared for 2012.
Our organisation welcomes anyone (children, parents, teachers, language enthusiasts) interested in learning or teaching Russian as a second language or the issues related to bilingualism in general (all languages). teacher and kids at azbuka

AZBUKA is based in west London (see LOCATION) but a lot of our activities relate to, and can be used by, all London/Home County area residents. Even if you are located further afield you should find some information of benefit. a puppet play at azbuka We also welcome enquiries and participation in the club's activities from non-UK residents.
Please feel free to contact us.

We are a membership based organisation. It's only £11 a year (annual membership fee) to take part in the AZBUKA events, activities, use the expanding library and info centre, list of resources, Russian nanny and tutor service etc.
teacher and kids at azbuka The children who attend the AZBUKA Nursery/School are automatically members of the AZBUKA Kids' Club.
TO BECOME A MEMBER GO TO THE JOIN US section of the web-site. kids painting

See you soon at AZBUKA!

Azbuka Nursery / School and Club are open school term only.